Slow Looking/Deep Seeing

Jan 16, 2021
- Jun 19, 2021
2nd Floor: The Bob & Lissa Shelley McDowell Gallery

William Bailey, Still Life with Bottle, Bowl and Eggs, 1970. Oil on canvas, 36 x 42 in. Weatherspoon Art Museum. Purchased with funds from North Carolina National Bank and the Smith Richardson Foundation, 1971.1778. © William Bailey

Research has shown that visitors to art venues spend an average of eight seconds looking at each work on display. Eight seconds! The Weatherspoon’s curators and educators have organized an exhibition drawn from the museum’s collection that will offer visitors a chance to slow down, make discoveries, and effectively connect with works of art.

Slow Looking/Deep Seeing features a variety of works, both modern and contemporary, and is divided into three sections to facilitate immersive viewing: Reading the Narrative/Image, Noticing as Contemplative Practice, and Interpreting Movement. Figurative paintings like Edward Laning’s Coney Island Beach Scene (1938), depicting a crowded, complex composition, offer a narrative that takes some time to decipher. The same is true of Tom LaDuke’s painting, loop eternal (2012), built up of several layers including imagery from the movie The Silence of the Lambs and two different types of paint application. Both representational and abstract artworks, such as William Bailey’s Still Life with Bottle, Bowl, and Eggs (1970) and Jo Baer’s Grayed Yellow Vertical Rectangle (1964-65), allow for in-depth examination and peaceful contemplation. Visitors to the museum will discover that there are a multitude of ways to experience and understand art and that a visit to the Weatherspoon is often uplifting and enriching.

In addition to offering visitors the chance to slow down and observe, Slow Looking/Deep Seeing will be used by UNCG courses this spring as part of the museum’s Art of Seeing program. Now in its eleventh year, the program is designed to help students in health and human science fields hone their visual, diagnostic, interpretative, and communication skills.

This exhibition is organized by Elaine D. Gustafson, Curator of Collections, and Ann Grimaldi, Curator of Education.


Teaching & Learning About Slow Looking • Wednesday, Jan 27, 4-4:45pm, virtual event

How Do I Look? • Fridays: Feb 19, Mar 19, and Apr 16, 12-12:45pm, virtual event