Teaching & Learning About Slow Looking


Wed. Jan. 27th 4:00 PM - Wed. Jan. 27th 6:00 PM

Can simply slowing down to look affect student learning? Shari Tishman, lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education, shares her thoughts on the role of careful observation and attentive listening in student learning and offers helpful suggestions in integrating these practices into K-12 and university classrooms. Shari makes the case for developing these skills in observing art and nature, leading to deeper learning and connection to others.

Shari Tishman is a lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Senior Research Advisor at Project Zero, where she formerly served as Director. Her most recent book is Slow Looking: The Art and Practice of Learning Through Observation. Shari also co-directs Out of Eden Learn, a global online intercultural exchange program that is linked to National Geographic journalist Paul Salopek’s multi-year walk around the world, and Arts as Civic Commons, an approach to talking about and making art that helps young people use art is a common ground for exploring civic themes.

In conjunction with the exhibition Slow Looking/Deep Seeing, on view Jan 16 – Jun 19, 2021.