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Multiple modes of making are layered within this image, which depicts pop artist Roy Lichtenstein working in his studio. Paintbrush in hand, he bends towards a canvas on which he creates an oversized, comic-book style version of a broad brushstroke—one that recalls the very different mark making of abstract expressionist painters. This scene of Lichtenstein working was originally captured in a historic photograph, which was then remade by contemporary artist Dan Fischer. Meticulously transcribing the scene from printed photograph to graphite drawing, Fischer both pays homage to Lichtenstein, but also reveals his own process: Look closely and you’ll see that he left visible the gridded lines that guided his recreation.

Dan Fischer, Roy Lichtenstein, 2004, graphite on paper, 22 3/8 x 19 1/4 in. Weatherspoon Art Museum. Museum purchase with funds from the Dillard Fund for the Dillard Collection, 2004. © Dan Fischer.

What are you making in your free time?

Let us know what you are making, building, designing, fixing, cooking, or ways you are being creative these days by emailing us at weatherspoon@uncg.edu, or posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #WAMfamUNCG.

Staff Projects:

"Chicken breasts thawing for a big casserole tomorrow night."


"I am using an app called Layout on my I phone to make fun kaleidoscopic images from photos I take on my walks."


Associate Curator of Education
"I have taken up painting...my shed."


Curator of Collections
"Here is a photo of a blueberry cobbler that our family made! We are doing lots of cooking."


Special Assistant of External Affairs
"I've been experimenting with some new drawing techniques for an upcoming illustration project."


PR + Communications Officer
"Making progress on hanging art in our house. Next up: finding the perfect spot for this cross-stitch piece by my grandmother...wishing I had her skill for the craft."


Curator of Exhibitions
"I'm finally getting around to repairing my love seat cushion."


"The kids and I are fixing up the front stoop. We have cleaned and sanded the railings and also power-washed the porch. Next up: painting the railings."


"Me and my wife are attempting a garden on the deck."


Chief of Security
Weatherspoon Art Museum drawing by Jiyoung Park. If you have the urge to MAKE something during the lo

If you have the urge to MAKE something during the lockdown, or have kids that love to be creative, please go to THIS LINK to download a printable PDF to color made by the fabulous UNCG artist, UNCG alumna (’18), and Visual Art Specialist at UNCG, Jiyoung Park. Jiyoung has kindly offered her skills by drawing the Weatherspoon Art Museum building and making it available as a coloring book drawing for our extended WAM family. Thank you Jiyoung for sharing your awesome talent!

We would love for you to share your coloring work. Please scan and send us your artwork to weatherspoon@uncg.edu. We may share your artwork on social media, so please add your name and permission.

Learn about how some of Greensboro’s local businesses are teaming up to help bridge the gap by making masks for local health care professionals in this Triad City Beat article. Goodwill Industries of Central North Carolina, Reconsidered Goods, and Hudson Hill have partnered with an initiative called Masks for our Heroes.

Speaking of MAKING—the Weatherspoon’s biennial exhibition Art on Paper is open for submissions! Visit the WAM website to learn more about how to apply. Submissions are open until Sunday, June 14, 2020. The exhibition will be held January 23 – April 18, 2021.