Tate + Gate: A Hotspot For Innovation

Significant new development on the UNC Greensboro campus is underway. Architectural firm EVOKE Studio Architecture of Durham was selected to design the new Tate + Gate facility, the first building erected as part of the Millennial Campus initiative to develop the Gate City Boulevard and Tate Street corridors.

“The new building exemplifies our bonfire strategy—to create hotspots of innovation that drive creative activity, research, community engagement, and excellence,” said Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. “This project is unique and will offer new opportunities for our students and faculty and the greater community. It will be a destination like no other in our state.”

Under the leadership of Weatherspoon director Juliette Bianco, the University will establish an accessible, multi-purpose, innovative, and collaborative facility that will serve the campus and contribute to Greensboro’s vibrant arts community and culture. Because the new facility will be located just a few minutes’ walk from the Weatherspoon, the UNCG Auditorium, and Taylor and Brown theaters, and will be situated at the intersection of the arts, wellness, and technology districts of the Millennial Campus, it will encourage innovation through spontaneous cross-disciplinary interactions as well as its strategic practice. The early design phase will begin in the coming months and expand into construction over the next few years.

“Tate + Gate will be an inspirational and accessible hub for UNC Greensboro, the community, and invited artists, thinkers, and makers,” Bianco said. “In it, we will all develop and share new creative work that resonates locally, nationally, and globally to improve people’s lives and better the community.

“Championing research, experimentation, collaboration, and the innovative use of technology, Tate + Gate will help people use creative dialogue and artistic exchange to better understand one another and our environments,” she added. “It will, in turn, drive inclusive social practice, enable new work, and promote change-oriented action in our community.”

The new 20,000 square-foot Tate + Gate facility will also serve as a significant, highly visible landmark signaling entrance into UNC Greensboro’s campus and the beginning of the Arts district that runs down Tate Street. The intersection of Tate Street and Gate City Boulevard marks the confluence of the two Millennial Campus corridors and will knit together a nationally recognized College of Visual and Performing Arts and the Weatherspoon, a nationally accredited art museum, with the City of Greensboro’s new arts and culture initiatives to deliver inspiring programming and opportunities.

Adapted from a story by Matthew Bryant and Eden Bloss, University Communications