Students Help Design Weatherspoon Inquiry Hub

There is a palpable intensity evident in work produced by our UNCG Interior Architecture (IARc) students. I believe this comes from their understanding that the thoughtful design of physical spaces has the power to change lives in immensely positive ways. The Weatherspoon’s “Inquiry Hubs” project was an amazing opportunity to put this way of thinking into action and to engage those creative muscles that aim to improve the experiences of others.

As their third-year studio design professor (IAR 302), I couldn’t be prouder of the level of professionalism and rigor in which each student approached this project. We started the process by asking ourselves, “What is the value/power of art?” and then followed up with an examination of what could/should be the role of a museum with the surrounding community. We combined this information with the given design brief to reimagine how individuals could interact with the museum’s objects.

The UNCG IARc program has a diverse student population, and because of this, we were able to evaluate the current condition from multiple perspectives. The resultant architectural solutions reflect this diversity of thought from both a philosophical point-of-view and the tangible creation of space. The students produced floor plans, 3D digital models, renderings, and video animations which highlighted the possibilities of a more impactful/inclusive museum experience through the reexamination of the relationship between the viewer and the object.

Assistant Professor and Study Abroad Coordinator, Interior Architecture

Images: Video stills from two of the sixteen IARc team presentations: Gianna Capurso and Aleah Mazyck (top), and Ann Borden Thomas and Mahallia Ward (bottom).