Ties that Bind: Selections from the Collection

Sep 12, 2020
- Feb 13, 2021
2nd Floor: The Gregory D. Ivy and the Weatherspoon Guild Galleries

Nikki S. Lee, Part (37), 2002, dye coupler print mounted on aluminum, 29 ⅞ x 22 ⅞ in. Weatherspoon Art Museum. Gift of Leslie Tonkonow, 2009. © Nikki S. Lee.

John Fawcett wrote a hymn on the theme in 1800. Bruce Springsteen took a different approach in an eponymous song popular in 1980. Whether entwined in fellowship with kindred spirits or stretched to the point of breaking, the ties that bind us to one another are often some of the most significant markers in our lives. Ties that Bind explores the various types of relationships that define, brighten, aspire, or perhaps even challenge us on a daily basis.

These works drawn from the museum’s collection explore familial relationships, be they between mother and child or self-identified families, and less fixed, but equally important ties—to lovers, friends, and even objects. And, because life can be arduous at times, the tension, separateness, and alienation that result from unhealthy ties or from a lack of connection are also considered.

This exhibition is organized by Elaine D. Gustafson, Curator of Collections.