Markmaking: Selections from the Collection

Jan 2, 2021
- Apr 3, 2021
1st Floor: The Leah Louise B. Tannenbaum and Louise D. and Herbert S. Falk, Sr. Galleries

Susan Collis, I would like to invite the viewer I, 2014. Graphite on paper, 46 3/16 x 30 1/2 in. Weatherspoon Art Museum. Purchased with funds from the Dillard Fund for the Dillard Collection, 2014.14. © Susan Collis

The artworks in this exhibition show a plethora of approaches to markmaking, a term used to describe the different types of lines, scratches, smudges, patterns, dots, and textures that result from the way an artist applies a material, such as graphite or paint, to a surface. Because each mark possesses unique characteristics as well as contributes to the entire composition, it is an effective way to communicate. Marks can be descriptive, intuitive, or expressive. For example, some marks suggest vigorous energy or movement owing to the way they were applied, while others denote close attention to detail. Still, others feature novel techniques such as cutting and burning. On display are works by, among many others: Natalie Alper, Keith Carter, Sol LeWitt, Vik Muniz, Alyson Shotz, and Robert Smithson. In all, these objects show how distinct strokes and application methods make each—and its artist—unique.

Organized by Elaine D. Gustafson, Curator of Collections.