There are nearly 7,000 works of art in the permanent collection of the Weatherspoon Art Museum. It is a collection respected both nationally and internationally for its historically rigorous, imaginative, and adventurous focus on modern and contemporary art. The spirit that has shaped the collection since its inception in 1941, a spirit of supporting new and different directions in art since the turn of the twentieth century until now, continues to guide the substantive growth of the collection today.

Collection Highlights

Sanford Biggers
(United States, born 1970),
Paket (detail),
Hung Liu
((United States, born China, 1948)),
Olympia Triptych (detail),
Carrie Moyer
((United States, born 1960)),
Tickler (detail),
Saya Woolfalk
((United States, born Japan, 1979)),
Untitled #3, (detail) from the series ChimaTEK,
Maria Berrio
((Colombia, born 1982)),
Aminata Linnaea (detail),
Arthur Dove
((United States, 1880–1946)),
Lehigh Water Tower (detail),

Please note: Not all works of art or collections are on view at all times, particularly works from the Claribel and Etta Cone Collection and Lenoir C. Wright Collection. As we continue to digitize the over 6,000 objects in our collection, guests may view them online through our collection search.