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In pursuing its mission to “provide [students] with an enhanced and supportive intellectual and social experience that acculturates them to the life of the mind and helps them to become critical, independent thinkers….,” Lloyd International Honors College has found an ideal campus partner in the Weatherspoon Art Museum.

Honors Colloquium sections have been visiting the Weatherspoon as a critical part of their curriculum since 2010. The course serves first-year students in the International Honors Program and aims to ease the transition to the UNCG community while also preparing students for lives dedicated to civic engagement.

The Weatherspoon plays an integral role in that preparation. During our visits, a Weatherspoon docent teaches students the difference between objective and subjective viewing and encourages students to practice their new skills in a current exhibition. Discussions moderated by the docent help students identify overarching themes in the works and can help reveal some of the goals and aims of the artist.

Many students are unaware that UNC Greensboro has an art museum before they arrive on campus, and their visit with their Colloquium section is often the student’s first introduction to the space, the collections, and the dedication to student learning. For ten years, Colloquium students have been routinely ranking the visit to the Weatherspoon as high on their list of impactful activities they do in Colloquium. The Weatherspoon does an exceptional job of making the space welcoming to community members of all ages and making room in discourse about art for novices and experts alike.

Rebecca Muich, PhD
Assistant Dean, Lloyd International; Honors College, UNCG

Image: Weatherspoon docent Marge Cromer leads a conversation in To the Hoop with students enrolled in the Honors Colloquium, October 2020.


“I am a work-study student gallery attendant. I assist the security team in making sure the art is enjoyed safely and responsibly. I enjoy getting to experience the wonderful art and welcoming staff.”

UNCG Anthropology

“I am currently a Museum Assistant. In the gallery, I help staff with tasks they may not have time to do, whether it’s creating make and take art kits or running errands around campus. Most of the time I’m usually spot-checking and filing documents for the University Archives at the library. What I like most about the job is probably the quiet and calm atmosphere—it makes it easier to connect with gallery viewers and it’s a good space to study!”

UNCG Art Administration

“As an intern at the Weatherspoon I have been able to assist Dr. Emily Stamey with a variety of activities including the organization of the museum's artist files, researching artists, and creating labels for the upcoming Art on Paper exhibition. What I like about working at the Weatherspoon is the ability to ask questions to museum staff and learn more about the procedures and activities within a museum. I am glad to be a part of an environment where I constantly learn new things.”

UNCG Arts Administration, with a concentration in Museum Studies and minors in Art History and Interdisciplinary Arts & Social Practice, 2021

“My name is Billy Dee. I am an MFA candidate in studio arts and a graduate assistant at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. I love having the chance to interact with visitors and learning more about why they have decided to visit. I am fascinated by the ways in which WAM offers a space for reflection and quiet, for connection with art, and a space to engage deep curiosity about how artworks live in the world.”

UNCG MFA Candidate, Studio Arts, 2021

"I am completing my Graduate Assistantship with the education department at WAM, working with Terri Dowell-Dennis to create professional development resources for Guilford County Schools. For the fall, that means creating a podcast with fellow GA Billy Dee. My time at WAM is a great opportunity to both articulate what I do more clearly to myself, and to create tools for others to use. I look forward to delving deeper into WAM's collection and reflecting on the exquisite art here. Contemplating, for example, the work of Beauford Delaney is always time well spent.”

UNCG MFA Candidate, Studio Arts, 2022

Free Admission + Free Parking

Tue-Sat: 10am-5pm
More info HERE.
Closed Sundays, Mondays + holidays

Weatherspoon Art Museum
UNC Greensboro
Corner of Spring Garden + Tate Streets
Greensboro, NC 27402
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