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Lecture: Keith Carter

Often called “a poet of the ordinary,” Keith Carter’s images hold a sensitivity to our everyday world that is both evocative and ineffable. This site specific installation at Greensboro Project Space (GPS) of large scale photographs, curated from Carter's just released monograph from University of Texas Press is the second iteration of the extraordinary exhibit that premiered at the Click! Photography Festival in October 2018. In addition to his installation at GPS, Keith Carter: Fifty Years, Carter will be giving a lecture at the Weatherspoon Art Museum and a book signing of his recent publication at Scuppernong Books.

“I came of age during the turbulent sixties and seventies. My experiences have led me to make photographs exploring the mythos of time and terrain, the familiar, the magical, and the varied creatures that inhabit our earth. I think of them as a visual diary, as well as meditations on time, place, memory, desire, and regret.

Over the years my explorations have included the use of the traditional chemical darkroom, arcane historical processes, as well as the contemporary digital world. In doing so I have tried to examine both the history of photography, vernacular culture, and our own shared natural histories.”

This exhibition at GPS is sponsored by the Maggie and Gene Triplette Program Fund at UNCG.

Photo: Libby Vinnels.

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